Hey there gorgeous people.

Thom & Mathilda here – we are so happy that we have had the awesome opportunity to help carry on the legacy that Julianne Walther created many years ago when she started Patchwork Memories. Julianne’s t-shirt and custom memory quilts are second to none, top quality, and made with heaps of love – and she has graciously allowed us to continue creating these quilts while she and Patchwork Memories move on to new art quilting adventures. We couldn’t be more excited to preserve your cherished memories in quilts and to see what’s in store for Julianne! Please be sure to check in with Patchwork Memories and her sister, Cary Quilting Company, for gorgeous commissioned art quilts and all your quilting material/supply needs.

Amanda here. I’m a lover of all things fabric and craft related. I’ve never met a sewing machine I didn’t need or a piece of fabric I couldn’t live without. I’ve been sewing and quilting for the past ten plus years, and always wish there was more time in the day to create more beautiful things!

I am a modern quilter at heart, but still find tremendous joy in traditional patterns and fabrics. Aside from creating work for myself, friends, and family, I’ve also worked with the crew over at Patchwork Memories, piecing classic and custom t-shirt quilts (so I’ve learned from the master).

I am super excited to kick off Thom & Mathilda making t-shirt and custom memory quilts, as well as whatever else you throw our way, and look forward to watching her grow.

…And since I get this question quite often, let me also introduce you to THE Thom and Mathilda below: