but how does this all work?


T-Shirt Quilts

Yowza! What’s included in the price?

Everything that’s needed to create your quilt, except for your shirts!  We use super high quality quilting cotton to complete our quilts, fantastic machines and equipment for piecing and quilting, and heaps of love when creating your quilt.  Optional extras include custom embroidery ($.075 per letter, $5 minimum) or a hanging sleeve ($50) for your quilt.

How do you know which parts of the shirts I want included?

To let us know which parts of your shirts you want used in the quilt, just place a small piece of masking or blue painter’s tape on the side(s) of the shirts you want included – but not directly on the design, as it can leave a sticky residue.  For Custom T-Shirt Quilts, Please include 3-4 extra shirts, as  they may be needed to complete the design.  If the extra shirts are not used, they will be returned with your quilt.

Should I cut the shirts for you?

No, please do not cut the shirts before sending them.  It’s really much easier if we take care of that.  (That said, if you have some shirts that have been cut let us know before pulling them from your stack – they could still be usable).

Can I use one shirt in two blocks?

But of course!  We could use the front in one block and the back in another.  You could even combine two shirts into one block.  Just be sure to point out any specific situations like this when placing your order.  

Can I use sweatshirts / jerseys / tech shirts in my quilt?

Yes!  All of those items work perfectly in a Thom & Mathilda T-Shirt Quilt.

Can I choose the placement of shirts in my quilt?

With Classic T-Shirt Quilts, you can print and use this t-shirt layout grid to place your shirts in the order you’d like.  Please include a copy of this sheet with your order, and be sure to label your shirts to match the grid (using masking or painters tape).

With Custom T-Shirt Quilts, the design is based on the colors and design shapes on your shirts.  You can choose a “center” shirt or a design that you’d like in a corner, but exact placement cannot be guaranteed.

How large will my quilt be?

Classic Quilt sizes range from 5 feet square to king sized.  For example, a 16-block quilt finishes at 74″ square (a little more than 6 feet square), and a 30-block quilt finishes at 89″ x 104″ (about 7 1/2 feet by 8 1/2 feet).  We are happy to share other sizes with you – just ask!

Custom quilt sizes vary, based on the number of pieces and the sizes of the designs.  We can give you an estimate on size, based on the number and type of shirts that you provide.


Memory Quilts

Can I use all types of clothing in my quilt?

Leather, sweaters and other loosely knitted items don’t play well, but we can use most everything else!  If something you’ve sent cannot be used, we’ll be sure to let you know ASAP.

Should I cut out the clothing pieces for you?

No, please send us full clothing pieces.  If some parts are more important than others, you can note those with pieces of painters or masking tape, and please be sure to include a note in the special instructions of your order form (or pin a note to the item).

Can I include photos in my quilts?

We have two methods for transferring photos to fabric.  For items that will get more use, the photo transferring process requires an extra fee.  For wall hangings or display quilts, we can transfer photos to fabric in the studio at no extra cost.  You can send your photos digitally or as prints.


Do you have other questions?  Feel free to call or contact us and we’ll help you out!