Quilty Business

Let’s get down to some quilty business.  If you’re looking to make a t-shirt quilt, check out the Classic T-Shirt and the Custom T-Shirt Options below.  If you’ve collected other special fabrics (old button down shirts, grandmother’s fabric stash, baby clothes, etc.) and would like to make a quilt out of those fabrics, check out the Classic and Custom Memory Quilt options.  If you’ve got something completely different in mind, send us an email and we can chat!


Classic T-Shirt Quilts

Classic T-shirt Quilts are based on a grid pattern, with each t-shirt sized to be a 13″ square in your quilt. This classic style is easy on the pocketbook and works wonderfully when all of your shirts have a design that fits into the 13″ square. Prices start at $320.

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Custom T-Shirt Quilts

Custom T-shirt Quilts are one of a kind designs, inspired by the shapes and sizes of the designs on your t-shirts.  Each Custom T-Shirt  Quilt is made to order, and no two are alike!  In a Custom T-Shirt Quilt, there are no size restrictions on designs!  Prices start at $500.

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Classic Memory Quilts

Using your well loved fabrics, a memory quilt can be customized for you in several different patterns and sizes.  Prices start at $250.

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Custom Quilts

Or we can create a custom design using new fabrics or cherished keepsakes!  Prices start at $275.

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