T-Shirt Quilt Pricing

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Both Classic and Custom T-Shirt Quilt pricing is based on the number of items included in your quilt.  We can do large and small quilts and can work with most numbers of shirts to create something great.  If you’ve got so many shirts you don’t know what to do with, consider a double sided t-shirt quilt!


  Classic T-Shirt Quilts Custom T-Shirt Quilts
One Sided $230 + $10 per block $400 + $10 per block
Double Sided $395 + $10 per block $700 + $10 per block


I’m ready to order my quilt, what next?


1.  Download the Customer Agreement and Order Form.  Print and complete.

2.  Clean your shirts, box them up along with your Customer Agreement and Order form, and then email us for studio address.  If you’re local, we will gladly set up an appointment for you to bring your items to the studio..

3.  For Custom T-Shirt Quilts, it’s a good idea to include 3 – 4 extra shirts (marked as extras) that can be used in the quilt if needed.  If we don’t use them, we will return them with your finished quilt.

4.  Classic T-Shirt Quilts are created in a grid, so please choose shirts so that your quilt finishes with 9, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 36, or 42 blocks.  Feel free to use this t-shirt layout grid to help organize your shirts and let us know where you want them if you want to choose.

4.  We require a deposit to get your order started.  You can send a check along with your box, we can call you to get a credit card number over the phone when your box arrives, or you can pay your deposit online.

5.  We will give you an expected timeframe for completion when your order arrives.  Your balance will be due prior to return shipping.

Do you have other questions?  Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out!